Friday, May 21, 2010

After a long time......

Okeh..ermm,, how I gonna start this. Lost. Terkesima. Know nothing to write. After quite long time I’m not writing any post for my blog, I think this is the first post for this year. It year not month taw..haha..(malu btoi,dah wat blog pnya la lama, tp post,,ada bapa kerat ja.adeyh..).

Okeh,,bak kata lecturer aku, one way to start an essay, is “make a question”. Soklan aku, what make sense you to write today? Becozzzzzzz.....terasa menci sgt. Mmg cipan r owang yg aku nak cita ni. Firstly, he is suck.!!imagine lah,, once upon a time dulu, he tried to scolded + advise me. With a stern voice he scolded + advised me to not to wear any short sleeve shirt if I’m wearing tudong. Ok fine, I took that positively. I know I was wrong and then I should respect him as he is one that I should respect.

But what is wrong now?? Wrongnya sikalang,,,, thing turn upside down. Ada r one girl ni turns up in his life. He loves that girl like hell. Everything that perempuan tu buat, is right and NO WRONG. She kira like an angle r... and then the perempuan that he love now kind of “buah hati” tuuu.. does the same thing like I had done before and he just ignore it. There was one night, they were going out together for dinner. And you know what??perempuan tu just wore short sleeve shirt and was wearing tudong. What did this guy do?? He just saw and said nothing. No scolding. No advice. Apa celita ni apek?? Cakap xserupa bikin r dayus namanya.Macam cipan x????

Kayh.. that all for today. Can’t stand anymore.menci sangat...!!!


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